BIP established in 2019 with with a clear vision to support and protect trademarks for our clients, we are sure that our services will meet and even exceed our clients expectations.

Barasneh Intellectual Property was formed on the foundations of trust and integrity with the belief that we could build strong relationships with clients and serve them with discretion, commitment and excellence.

Our vision is to be a playmaker in our field, an investigation and protection consultancy, recognised for our diligence, excellence and integrity.  To achieve this, we aim to bring together a team of colleagues who are dedicated in delivering excellence; whilst working in an environment that has a shared vision, ethos, team values and worthwhile purpose.

Our integrity and our clients’ trust in our professionalism and attention to detail is one of our most respected possessions. We will always:

provide clients with the core tools to prevent, detect and investigate corporate fraud & brand infringement

protect clients’ reputations from risk through effective investigation, due diligence and protection

keep clients’ digital and physical resilience through appropriate “security by design”

protect clients, people and their livelihoods from harm

deliver the highest levels of professional support, often in difficult circumstances, by building and maintaining trusted relationships


We have a young, dynamic and enthusiastic team who possess different skill sets, including languages as well as legal, security, brand protection, corporate fraud, investigation and compliance experience. We’re not perfect, but we do strive for perfection and always keep true to our core values.

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